conceived and directed by
Giuseppe L. Bonifati (I)

Giuseppe L. Bonifati (I), Linda Sugataghy (H), Alberto Martinez Guinaldo (E)
og med deltagelse af Govind Radhakrishan (IN), Hjalmar Andersen (DK),
M.stro Claudio Passilongo (I)

a partnership
DOO performing art group / Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium

supported by
Kulturaftale, Kulturmødet, Holstebro Kommune, Skive Kommune,
og andre kommuner i Jylland regionen


“We live in a period of egoism and aggression. An increasing number of people believe that these aspects are necessary to survive: not to be subdued, to be successful, looking greater than others. This attack is continuous and every day, through newspapers, television or on Internet, we can see how the news jump from page to page, jumping even the futuristic walls that are announced to be built. Maybe to keep us away and with fear.
But ART PARTY has the solution even for his:
ART AS DEFENCE must be took literally. ART should be used by the citizens to improve their defence mechanisms so that expression of creativity and sense of aesthetic can represent the true shield against all possible attacks… “



MAYOR IN RESIDENCE, was a project was planned in details, despite the fact that Jeppe’s Danish language was very “improvised”. That’s why, the “Longest Candidate Known in History and His First Lady” can emerge now with renewed energy after the longest election campaign in Holstebro and Jutland (535 days), which many would have given up after the first month.
In this new regional project, called ART AS DEFENCE, the Chairman and the Chairwoman of ART PARTY (Giuseppe L. Bonifati, Italy and Linda Sugataghy, Hungary) together with the Defence Counsellor (Alberto Martinez Guinaldo, Spain) appeal to all Jutland municipalities!
At the National Arts & Culture Meeting in Mors, through a performance together with 46 young people from Morsø Gymnasium, they will announce the upcoming “Polic-y School” for local politicians who will not result elected in the municipal and regional elections d. 21. November 2017! The first experimental school will start in Skive municipality the first weekend after the election results are known (25-26 November 2017). ART PARTY´s “International Travelling Policy School” will be active throughout Jutland in 2018 in several municipalities.





Together with the “Defense Counselor” (Spanish actor Alberto M. Guinaldo), the ART PART found that they had to take steps to prevent the biggest problem in Jutland: the winter, which is a major danger to “The Organic Tomato”. So they found a safe place for the party totem: “Kommandopost”, an old bunker from the Cold War era in the area of ​​Døesvej in Holstebro. Here they spent most of October’s month preparing each detail of the Defense Plan. On October 28, 2016, the Art Party and the “Defense Advisor” invited citizens in Holstebro to be presented with the strategy against the cold and the flourishing winter depression: “We will plant tomato fences in all Holstebro gardens.”
In Holstebro region, which has already been seduced by this philosophy, the party has gained great popularity. But in 2018, the art party must seduce and protect more areas. Therefore, we would like to share our philosophy with other citizens from different cities in Jutland. And at the same time, it will be presented the special site-specific performance “Kommandopost” featuring actors Alberto M. Guinaldo (E) and Taylor Alling (UK) in various bunkers in the region.

a partnership with
Bunkers of Jutland region





The performance is part of the larger project ABOVE THE SKIN, held successfully by DOO performing arts group in several countries (Italy, Denmark, Hungary, Slovenia, Spain, Brazil, etc.). During COUS-COUS WITH DANISH PASSPORT, Art Party will tour to Jutland’s asylum centers with its performance, which questions the themes of IDENTITY and BORDERS (both physically and mentally).




Art Party’s project for Youth, with children from schools in the Jutland region
With Jeppe, Linda, and with the participation of Alberto M. Guinaldo, Spanish actor;
Taylor Alling, English Actor; And Else Marie – Minigris Torben, storyteller;
Concept and Director: Giuseppe L. Bonifati

We will “occupy” art museums in Jutland and sleep with many children so that younger generations can breathe and be closer to “ART”. In the meantime, there will be more moments of dance, storytelling, music and theater to work with the unconscious. We would like when they wake up that all children come to Jeppe and tell the most amazing ideas they have in mind after their dreams. We will use and include all their ideas in an “Art Party’s Manifesto for Youth”.
We also want to give a special prize: the child who comes with the best idea will be appointed “Youth Ambassador”.




Through a concert / show, Art Party will show another side of politics, namely the “Nightingale Politics”: Giuseppe L. Bonifati is an exciting and charming singer and his voice has a good grip over Danish citizens. But as suggested by the Art Party’s logo (Tomato), we don’t know how the public will use it for…

a partnership with
Italian Culture Institute in Copenhagen


Mayor in Residence – Kunstpartiets project in 2016-2017 was supported by: