We believe that lately there has been a growing understanding of the potential impact of the ARTS on HEALTH. Arts can be used alongside health care in several ways, not only as a therapeutic activity for patients and medical staff, but also as a way to support the prevention of medical problems. While, of course, we do not claim ART to be a substitute for classical medication methods, ART as an “alternative medicine” can improve the condition of people with mental or physical health issues.
ART PARTY´S new experimental project in 2019 aims to investigate the capacity that Art may have on Health and how to make these findings reach a larger part of society. We will explore this topic through artistic residencies in 7 cities in Central and Western Jutland.  During this time we will drive a special ambulance where intimate performances will take place inside the vehicle. 

With the important presence of Kata Juhasz, international dancer, choreographer and practising doctor, whose dance performance “Rechargeable” will be carried out in collaboration with local groups of older people in belief that art can prolong expected life expectancy. Other activities will include actions, performances and workshops at home, in streets, in schools, offices, theaters, museums, etc. 

The common point in our activities is that they will all challenge the quality of personal relationships. This is also achieved through the “no wi-fi in the bedroom” campaign,  where we promise to help couples to regain joy with each other. ART PARTY’S headquarters Bomhuset – Museum of Miniature Art in Holstebro will throughout the period be a regional Art Emergency Unit, where artists will be able to visit patients by appointment. The small museum will also be the exhibition site and laboratory for a brand new and provocative installation: “Somebody should keep the rest” as a city’s amulet against all forms of disease.

People will have the opportunity to be spectators, but also as participating actors, where aesthetic and physical expressivity of art will work as an alternative medicine.

‘Rediscover – Festival’ will take place in the previously involved cities, where the final results will be shown in the framework of the European Cultural Region Festival – with performances, shows, happenings and actions in different neighbourhoods of the city.

an interdisciplinary project on ART & HEALTH
february-june 2019

created and directed by
Giuseppe L. Bonifati (I)

Giuseppe Bonifati (I), Kata Juhasz og Linda Sugataghy (H)

and with the participation of
Alberto M. Guinaldo, Raquel Subirana (E), Claudio Passilongo (I),
Lacek Takacs (H), Stefan Goldbaum Tarabini, Jon Lehmann (DK)

project coordinators
Victor Tambo, Lasse Amstrup (DK), Tamas Loky (H)

a partnership
DOO performing art group (I) / Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (DK)  / Aulea Foundation (H)

supported by
Mid Jutland Region, European Cultural Regional Festival, Holstebro Kommune, Herning Kommune, Odder Kommune, Ringkøbing Kommune, Skanderborg Kommune, Syddjurs Kommune, Struer Kommune, among other municipalities in Midt- og Vestjylland region, Kulturaftale for Midtog Vestjylland,
NKA (National Hungarian Cultural Fund), EMMI (Hungarian Ministry Human Capacities)

in collaboration with
art centers, museums, cultural institutions, hospitals, schools, offices in Jutland region