From August 2020, Art Party will make a tour to launch its newest Art Reactor project on islands throughout Denmark. We will stay a week in each place and by the end of each residency, we will examine the effects of our activities on the well-being of the local population. 

The concept
Conventionally, a mountain has a summit and a base, typically depicted as a triangle or a pyramid. Can we put this hierarchical form upside-down, dig a mountain and convert it into a source of renewal? We have promised in our recent past to build up to the sky, but we can build even underground… The invisible mountain is not just a dump, it is the result of a collective work with the local community, which will help us to create a special space and to fill it with degradable leftover materials. During our stay, we will work closely with local schools, art museums and art associations, and we will make workshops and activities together. The collection will happen daily, from door to door and we will aim to produce heat and nutrients from the collected materials for a future alive plant installation, which will produce then oxygen and nutrients to its environment – thus converting the mountain into a natural reactor. Or better into an Art reactor. The materials offered for collection will not be accepted unless they are transformed into art objects by the locals, with wit and originality.


The Pink Box
We will do collection days, going from door to door and selection days, when we will prepare and sort the materials to be placed in the mountain. We will place a “pink box”, a degradable time-capsule inside of the mountain, containing artworks from the local people, made previously during the various workshops.
The indestructible time capsule containing artwork created from non-degradable material will be on display at the local art museum or art association.
Future generations will only be able to open the two capsules 50 years later.

Idea 1: Recyclable materials will be used to create artworks made by the local citizens and part of these will be stored inside of the mountain, in a degradable time-capsule. On the last day of our residence, the organic mountain will be covered. Another part of the artworks will be used to build a natural art installation, filled with organic debris and plant seeds, above the buried mountain, as a memorial. As this installation will be slowly decayed and grown around by the sprouts from the seeds, it will spring to existence, becoming coherent part of its environment. In this way, we would like to create a positive attitude in the present that we can deliver to the future generations.

Idea 2: Non-Recyclable materials will be used to create artworks by the local citizens. On the last day of our residence, the organic mountain will be covered and non-recyclable materials will be stored in the local art museum or institution, in a persistent time capsule, as a warning for the future generations.

The project
This is a project designed for the citizens of today, and at the same time a message to the citizens of the future. We want to question the occurrence of environmental issues in the everyday life, by creating an organic mountain made of waste and recyclable material. Ar the same time, with an artistic and inclusive approach, we will focus on the need to solve the problems together. Environment and sustainability are therefore the central elements of the project. The aim of the project is as well to create a wave of activism, with stimulus, good will and energy between the citizens during the days of Art Party’s residence.

The totem
This statue is the totem of the project, and we will bring it on parade during our journey from island to island in Denmark. We will fill it with non-recyclable materials collected during our residence and we will transform it into a plastic windmill, a visual symbol of the ecological matter which us, modern Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, must fight against in our future.


an artistic project on Environment and Sustainability

created and directed by
Giuseppe L. Bonifati (I)

project coordinators
Emma Hovmøller Buhrkal, Cüneyt Pala (DK)

video and graphic producer
Linda Sugataghy (H)

a partnership
DOO performing arts group (I), Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (DK)

supported by
Holstebro Kommune, Kultursamarbejdet for Midt- og Vestjylland,
other municipalities, regions and funds in Denmark