site-specific performance


23. feb kl 17 & 19 / Holstebro / Kommandocentralen
27. feb kl. 19.00 / Silkeborg / Kommandocentralen
28. feb kl. 17.00 & 19.00 / Ikast-Brande / Kommandocentralen
1. mar kl. 17 & 19.00 / Odder / Kommandocentralen
2. mar kl. 17.00 / Hadsund / Kommandocentralen
5. mar kl 19.00 / Hanstholm / Museumbunkernen
6. mar kl. 19.00 /  Kyst / Bangsbo Fort Bunkermuseum
7. mar kl. 17.00 / Hirtshals / Bunkermuseet 10. Batteri
8. mar kl. 16.30 & 18.00 / Ringkøbing / Bunker v. Vestjysk Andel
9. mar kl. 15.00 & 16.00 / Oddesund / Kommandobunker
21-22. august kl. 17.00 & 19.00 / Odense / HCA Festivals

Together with the “Defence Counselor” (Spanish actor Alberto M. Guinaldo), the ART PARTY found that they had to take steps to prevent the biggest problem in Jutland: the winter, which is a major danger to “The Organic Tomato”. So they found a safe place for the party totem: “Kommandopost”, an old bunker from the Cold War era in the area of ​​Døesvej in Holstebro. Here they spent most of October’s month preparing each detail of the Defence Plan. On October 28, 2016, the Art Party and the “Defence Counsellor” invited citizens from Holstebro to present the new strategy against the cold and the flourishing winter depression: “We will plant tomato fences in all Holstebro gardens.”
In Holstebro region, which has already been seduced by this philosophy, the Party has gained great popularity. But in 2018, the “Art Party” must seduce and protect more areas. Therefore, they would like to share our philosophy with other citizens from different cities in Jutland. And at the same time, there will be the special site-specific performance “Kommandopost” featuring actors Alberto M. Guinaldo (E) and Taylor Alling (UK) in various bunkers in the region.

a partnership with

bunkers of Jutland region


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