EUmergency: Artbulance on the road

We will tour on board of our Artbulance in 4 European countries during the fall of 2020 and we will export THE ART PARTY model, with a special dedication to the Visegrad area (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary). We will reflect on the importance of the healthy democratic values and on the integrity of Europe by this tour starting from Central Denmark and finishing in Central Europe. 

We will arrange performances and participatory seminars with the help of our local partners and we will carry out public activities in each country. During these exchanges, we will focus on the concepts of Art, Democracy, Health and Sustainability. For greater visibility, we will drive around in the urban environments the Artbulance, an exceptional and flashy vehicle featuring a mini-theatre and cinema inside. We will also present performances inside of the vehicle. The Artbulance will be driven by the Brexit-dissident English performer Gemma Abbott, together on board with the Spanish actors Alberto M. Guinaldo and Lide M. Abaigar. Our purpose is to set in motion a wave of hope for the alliance of European Countries, and above all for the ones most suffering nowadays of the Euro-skepticism.

sex parade

a project created and directed by
Giuseppe L. Bonifati (I)

Alberto M. Guinaldo, Lide Martinez Abaigar (E),
Gemma Garwood Abbott (UK)

video, graphic and design
Linda Sugataghy (H)

a partnership
DOO performing art group (I) / Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (DK)
Teatr Brama (PL) / Velvet Carnival (CZ) / Nova Cvernokova (SK) / AQB (HU)
with the participation and the inclusion of local actors, cultural associations
and artistic institutions