EVA H – A tragic case

PERFORMANCE, 30 min. – max. 9 persons at a time

concept and direction: Giuseppe L. Bonifati (I)
with Alberto M. Guinaldo and Raquel Subirana (E)

On the chest. Between the second and the sixth rib, to the left.
The tragic case of Eva H was located right there, in that place. A huge heart …

We will conduct this case on our “Art Ambulance”, where we literally connect the territories of Art and Health by letting the audience spy on us and follow our live experiment second by second. Emotions associated with it: pressure, pain, blood, fear. But also hope, new chance, trust. How is it possible to express this atmosphere full of emotions through the language of art, and how can an art-ambulance become a scene for a performance? Who (or what) will be the subject of our surgical intervention? Professor Albert and his assistant Raquel will do everything possible for not to fail our operation…


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