“A new spirit floats over Jutland: the spirit of the art party! We believe in this simple truth: 
to strive after beauty through art. “

Since January 2016, the citizens of Jutland’s municipalities have been able to meet a special “Party”, made by 33-year-old Italian artist Giuseppe L. Bonifati alias “Jeppe” and his Hungarian “First Lady” Linda Sugataghy from the International DOO Performing Arts Group. The aim is to gather people through Art, so Giuseppe has established KUNSTPARTIET “The Art Party” and realise – in collaboration with Holstebro Municipality and other municipalities in Jutland, Central Denmark Region, the Danish National Arts Foundation, Aarhus 2017 European Capital of Culture and the Nordic Theatre Laboratory – interactive performance events in the Jutland region. MAYOR IN RESIDENCE (January 1, 2016 – June 18, 2017), has been the longest performance project and “election campaign” ever made by a couple of artists.

ART AS DEFENCE (2018).  In its second interdisciplinary project, along with several national and international artists, KUNSTPARTIET / ART PARTY has focused regionally as well locally and transformed its headquarter, Bomhuset – Museum for Miniature Art, to a dreamlike video installation that runs 24/7. The group has traveled from Hirtshals to Aabenraa, from Odder to Esbjerg and Odense, from the Art Museums to Cold War bunkers and from theater scenes to the grassroots of asylum centers, all to spread the Arts Party’s messages to large and small – from kindergarten children to high school students and politicians.

ART ON CALL (2019). ART PARTY´S new experimental project aims to investigate the capacity that Art may have on Health and to make these findings reach a larger part of society. We will explore this topic through artistic residencies in 7 cities in Central and Western Jutland.  During this time we will drive a special ambulance where intimate performances will take place inside the vehicle. With the important presence of Kata Juhasz, international dancer and practising doctor, the activities will include actions, performances and workshops as prevention and recharging at home, in streets, in schools, offices, theaters, museums, etc. A type of performance called “Rechargeable” will be carried out in collaboration with local groups of older people in belief that art can prolong expected life expectancy.

Chairman and chairwoman: Giuseppe L. Bonifati and Linda Sugataghy
Deputy: Alberto M. Guinaldo
Main Partners: DOO performing arts group / Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium