Mandatory Letter


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Holstebro 1. Januar 2016

Mandatory letter

“Dear Jeppe,
we have decided that you will have an office in Holstebro.
Once you’ll have learnt everything about Danish language and culture, you will perform a first speech in the City in January 2016 and an official speech in the framework of the municipal elections in Holstebro Festuge 2017. So that everybody can verify if you have improved your Danish in a year! You will do it for your voters, who would decide whether to grant you with the necklace of Mayor of Holstebro… Or make you pack up again!
We like your Italian mind, so in this year of residence, together with the First Lady, you will make visits to the citizens, door by door. You will also offer your free services and your help to them.  You will make a performance by the end of every month, focusing on relevant topics (Economy, Education, Health, Environment, Public Works & Housing etc…). This should happen between January 2016 and June 2017, during the period of Festuge. 
A new Cultural Revolution will be done, so to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the revolution we initiated in 1966 in Holstebro, together with the settling of Odin Teatret in town.

The name of your party will be: KUNSTPARTIET, because Art beautifies our world.
Remember, you have to accomplish all that we have mentioned!
Please, do it in memory of us…”

Kai K. Nielsen & Jens Johansen
Mayor and Municipal Director of Holstebro (1966)

JEPPE busto
ph: Tommy Bay
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