set design & video installation
16 march- 30 june 2018: Bomhuset – Museum for Miniature Art
concept: Giuseppe L. Bonifati
video & architectural media: by Stefano di Buduo (AESOP Studio)
set design: Mette Sandholt

In 58 BC, Marco Tullio Cicerone, political man, but also orator, philosopher and literate, was sent to exile for have sentenced to death (while he was Consul in Rome) the followers of Senator Lucio Sergio Catilina. In that investigation, Cicero was accused of not respecting the constitutional procedure. It was in fact a summary trial whose condemnation of death was not confirmed by the tribesmen of the plebs. So Cicero, exiled, suffered also the confiscation of the property. On the area of ​​the sumptuous “domus” that had been built on the Palatine, was built instead a “Temple of Freedom”. Being freed in the following year, when he returned to Rome, Cicerone tried immediately to obtain further compensation from the State for the destroyed house and its rebuilding at public expenses. From that time, “De domo sua” (or “pro domo sua”) has become the flag – even in politics – for whom speaks exclusively in defence of his personal interests.

Starting from these historical premises, in the new artistic exhibition “Pro Domo Tua” we will cross the symbiosis of different politicians and leaders truly existed, creating a direct discourse with the people visiting the exhibition. We will try to overturn their expectations and own personal interests. The purpose is a pretext to come into close contact with people from different milieus and, through an artistic interaction, reflect on otherness – a condition which Holstebro shares with the rest of Europe.
The set-design will transform the oldest house and museum of Holstebro in a digital showcase of the world and its political leaders during the history, through an operation of architectural media. Inside the “domus” there will be installed multiple led panels which are able to show digital content of any kind. From the ancient Roman rhetoric to the International video-politics of today, the work will focus on the impact and influence that media may have on politics. Or viceversa.

in partnership with
DOO performing arts group / Aesop Studio

supported by
Municipality of Holstebro / Færch Fonden