The Kunstbulance – Artbulance has been widely visible on the roads in Denmark during the months from February to May. The Artbulance visited 7 cities of Central Denmark Region, where Kunstpartiet – The Art Party held seven intense Health Weeks and offered Art as a form of alternative medicine and treatment for the improvement of mental and physical health in the communities, with focus on dementia, nutrition, hearing, vision, physical activity, handicap, longevity and also sexual awareness.

In June 2019, the project ART ON CALL, as part of Genopdag – Europæisk Kulturregions Festivalrediscovered the mentioned cities all around the region. Its international troupe, accompanied by a real doctor, presented the results of the previous residencies. A documentary film about ART ON CALL project was shown at the local libraries. In the local theatres, the audience had the opportunity to see the dance performance RECHARGABLE (realised with the participation of local amateur dancers). As you might expect, the pink vehicle also had an important part of the festival. The musical happening CIAO CIAO BAMBINI took place in the squares and streets, with the Kunstbulance as backstage. The performance EVA H was performed instead inside of the Artbulance, for a limited number of audience at a time.

an interdisciplinary project on ART & HEALTH
February-June 2019

created and directed by
Giuseppe L. Bonifati (I)

Giuseppe Bonifati (I), Kata Juhász and Linda Sugataghy (H)

and with the participation of
Alberto M. Guinaldo, Raquel Subirana (E), Claudio Passilongo (I),
Lacek Takács (H), Stefan Goldbaum Tarabini, Jon Lehmann (DK)

project coordinators
Victor Tambo, Lasse Amstrup (DK), Tamás Lóky (H)

a partnership of
DOO performing art group (I) / Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (DK)  / Aulea Foundation (H)

supported by
Mid Jutland Region, European Cultural Regional Festival, Holstebro Kommune, Herning Kommune, Odder Kommune, Ringkøbing Kommune, Skanderborg Kommune, Syddjurs Kommune, Struer Kommune, among other municipalities in Midt- og Vestjylland region, Kulturaftale for Midtog Vestjylland,
NKA (National Hungarian Cultural Fund), EMMI (Hungarian Ministry Human Capacities)

in collaboration with
art centers, museums, cultural institutions, hospitals, schools, offices in Jutland region


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