Following the theme of the upcoming elections in Danmark, Kunstpartiet will warm the imaginary world of Youth about politics. Before starting the tour of “POLITI-K SKOLEN, along different  municipalities of Jutland in 2018, K.P. will be present in libraries and schools of Middle- and West Jutland to show to the young people the real experience of “Jeppe & Linda”, Mayoral Candidate and First Lady”, during their longest electoral campaign in Holstebro and the region.

Giuseppe L. Bonifati (IT) and Linda Sugataghy (HU), Kunstpartiets Chairman and Chairwoman, together with the new face of the party “Defence Counsellor” Alberto M. Guinaldo,  (E) and Claudio Passilongo (IT), musician, will animate the groups and invite them to create different parties, bringing on the leitmotif that guided the 18 months program of MAYOR IN RESIDENCE: “Beauty above all”. Without forgetting that at any time, it is possible to fall from the wagon of winners, but you can start again, more beautiful than before.

“The School of Beauty” will teach the following to the young generations: how to rebel without smudging the make up…

a co-production InVITAtion Lab / Herning Bibliotekerne/Kunstpartiet
in partnership with DOO performing arts group / Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium