Concept: Giuseppe L. Bonifati
Set design: Linda Sugataghy

Elixir and curse: the urine was used in the ancient medicine as disinfectant, according to Plinius in the Naturalis Historia, but it was also always related to the notions of fertility and aggression. Spreading the urine, during childhood games, was used to kill butterflies, to draw in the snow, to hit insects or even real enemies in battles between bands. Considered as a sign of territorialisation and independence, people was pissing against what they despised and, in a broader sense, against the dark forces of the destiny. Urine was interpreted as a magical thing, witnessed even by art.

The urine is in the focus of the new exhibition during the spring of 2019 in Bomhuset, the oldest house and smallest museum in Holstebro. For three months, Bomhuset became the exhibition space and “laboratorium” for different samples of urine, collected among 10 local cultural personalities and numerous volunteer citizens. 

The exhibition was installed as an amulet for the community of the city against all diseases. 

From the 5th of April till the 15th of June 2019
Bomhuset – Museum for Kleinkunst, Holstebro


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