Bomhuset – Museum for Miniature Art

Thanks to Holstebro Kommune (Kunst og Kultur), between 2016-2019, Kunpartiet had its headquarter at Bomhuset – KleinkunstmuseetThe 32 m2 big toll house is the oldest house and smallest museum in Holstebro and a one of a kind place in whole Denmark. This house had great importance in the MIR project (Mayor in Residence), combining the Artistic (what is beyond the daily life) and the Social (everyday aspects of the life). The House, as a symbol, was an integral part of the artistic project which included monthly performances, daily activities in schools and institutions, and door-to-door campaigns and artistic actionsJEPPE and Linda, Mayor Candidate & First Lady, made visible their life as a couple and, at the same time, interacted with the citizens of the town, according to the conventions of art and fantasy. The citizens were be able to spy, visit them or to play in Bomhuset and to experience what is normally hidden in politics.
Kunstpartiet’s house should not be considered as the hideout of the Party, but rather as “the alcove of Anthony and Cleopatra”, the home of a man and a woman, two foreigners striving to be integrated into the Danish society. The dream of becoming Mayor and First Lady was a pretext to come into contact with people from different milieus and, through an artistic interaction, to reflect on the otherness – a condition which Holstebro shares with the rest of Europe.



At the same time, the house has not been deprived from its original function of being a museum. Bomhuset hosted the photo project “Beauty above all” (2016) and the video-installation “Pro Domo Tua” (2018). The set-design transformed the house into a 24 h video-installation and a dreamlike showcase, through an operation of architecture & media. Inside the museum were installed  5 videos panels, and by each of them, a video-chapter was projected out through the windows of Bomhuset, creating a walking path around the “house” for the people visiting the exhibition. 

In 2019, Bomhuset has been the exhibition space and “laboratorium” for a new project: “Art by Call”. A new exhibition “Somebody should keep the rest” was installed as an amulet for the community of the city against all diseases.

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