In August of 2020, Art Party sails from Holstebro to make a tour on 7 islands in Denmark with its new project focusing on environment and sustainability, the Art Reactor. We will collect and select waste materials from the local population. We will make workshops both for adults and children and together we will transform the scrap into art-objects. We will take them to a parade and we will bury the degradable artworks enclosed in a bio-degradable time capsule, and the waste can thus disappear by time and become part of the earth. We produce another artworks from non-degradable debris and these are to be exhibited in metal time capsule in a local art institution, as a warning message to the local citizens of the future. Future generations will not be able to open the two capsules until 2030.
The workshops are conducted by Cüneyt Pala and Dina Abu Hamdan in, collaboration with Ilze Rudzite from the Emilia Art School in Holstebro. The Art School has a special focus on the UN’s sustainability development world goals and uses natural and recycled materials to a large extent.
We will also bring a totem in the parade, a plastic windmill which will stand as a visual symbol of the ecological issues against which we, modern Don Quixotes and Sancho Panzas must fight, for our future. The parade of the pink vests and the installation of the time capsules will be the final steps of our activities on the islands.

This project is for the citizens of today, at the same time it is also a message to the citizens of the future. The goal is  to create a wave of activism, with good will and energy among the citizens during the days of Art Party’s residence, especially after the recent months of general isolation.



Christian Gade Bjerrum is an actor, climate activist and founder of the organisation Bæredygtig Scenekunst NU (Sustainable Performing Arts NOW). He will be the ambassador of the Art Reactor project and the public face of Art Party between August and September 2020. He will lead the parade in Holstebro, participate in a discussion panel about Environment and Sustainability at Mors University College, together with Brian Bruhn and politicians, organised in collaboration with the national cultural festival Kulturmødet Mors. He will give a live stream performance talk addressed to the nation on Bornholm, during Bornholm’s Culture Week, another national event in Denmark; he will also make actions at City Halls of the communities involved in the project and in the Danish Parlament, where the Art Party will pop up, and goes from office to office, to realise a significant action, by collecting non-recyclable materials from the various offices and grabbing focus on on sustainability.
Christian, in his alter ego as DON CHRI-HOT, will show to people that it is not meaningless to lose the common sense in the fight against the giants, if it is for a good cause and in the interest of a greener and more sustainable world.


Don Quixote is no longer Don Quixote, but Don Chri-HOT due to global warming. Rosinante is replaced by an electric roller, Sancho is dead (with Covid19?), the giants have wind turbines instead of arms, our hero does not have a spear with, but a two meter long selfie stick, and it is not an unpolluted nature that surrounds our protagonist, but scrap, rubber, waste… Watch the first of six video chapters of DON CHRI-HOT, which will deal with various themes such as waste, energy, environment, recycling, climate change and green politics, where our knight will try to redeem himself, the others and the earth. And Dulcinea… Will he succeed in reaching his beloved?


an artistic project on Environment and Sustainability

created and directed by
Giuseppe L. Bonifati (I)

Christian Gade Bjerrum, Cüneyt Pala (DK), Dina Abu Hamdan (JR/DK), Ilze Rudzite (LV)

and with
Giuseppe Bonifati, Claudio Passilongo (IT), Brian Bruhn, Seffe Squillaci (DK)
Linda Sugataghy (HU)

project coordinators
Emma Hovmøller Buhrkal, Cüneyt Pala (DK)

video and graphic producer
Linda Sugataghy (H)

a partnership
DOO performing arts group (I), Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (DK)

supported by
Kulturministeriet – Slots og Kulturstyrelsen,  Kultursamarbejdet for Midt- og Vestjylland, Holstebro Kommune, Læsø Kommune, Ærø Kommune, Rådet for Visuel Kunst – Københavns Kommune, Kulturmødet Mors, Morsø Kommune, Bornholms Kulturuge,, Struer Bibliotek

in collaboration with
local schools, art associations, libraries, museums

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